Bank Deposit is a savings account

loan money on a call — loan of up to in demand- ment) is a short — term loan that is repaid on the first requirements the tion and, as a rule, is issued under the provision of securities and goods. Exceptional value banks determi- determined mainly because they can: to form a means of payment; to issue means of payment in circulation; serve as means of payment withdrawal from circulation. The main purpose of Bank intermediation in moving the cash resources from lenders to borrowers and from sellers to buyers. In the Law on the Austrian National Bank (1984) written- tanuma that the authorities can borrow from the Central Bank only under absolute assurance in gold and foreign currencies. From commercial accounting bills lay a short way to direct lending business enterprises.

The substitution of money in circulation contributes to the acceleration their turnover in the economy. Over time, the money changers began to use these deposits, as well as intrinsic governmental funds for lending and receiving of interest, that meant the transformation changed in the bankers. To characterize the organizational unit commercial Bank. For example, to obtain interbank loan Bank-loan- expert provides to the lender the following documents: • the application; • notarized copies of constituent documents (Uch- radially agreement, Charter, certificate of incorporation) • notarized card (original) with samples under- the pussy of managers and chief accountant of the Bank and print the Bank; • notarized copy of license of the Bank (the"correspondent" and "currency", if available); • Bank balance as of the last reporting date (first day of the month) and the current date. As investment Advisor, the Bank provides Advisory services to their customers about the issue and circulation of securities.

History shows that one of the first services offered by banks, steel currency conversion operations. 2. 4. In those days banking operations were limited to buying, selling, dispensing coins, accounting liabili- were before, accept deposits, grant loans, epotech- tion and collateral operations. In turn, cash- credit policy, along with the budget, is the basis of all state state regulation of the economy. Settlements on behalf of individuals and legal- sci entities, including correspondent banks, on their Bank accounts. The legislation provides all commercial banks economic freedom to manage their funds and income. The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. Relations on a loan is a financial relationship between the credit Thor and the borrower related to the circulation of capital in order to under- treatment its size. When this takes place, profits by the Bank when lending to a particular cost to the borrower compared those seen with the average profitability of the Bank.